About Us

We’ve been turning hard assets into extraordinary experiences for over 45 years, taking one person’s treasure and helping him or her list it to become someone else’s treasure in a smooth transaction. 

We have a proud heritage, having been founded by the world-renown Robb White of the Robb Report. With partners all over the globe, we curate, list, and sell some of the world’s finest and funnest assets. 

We can’t wait to work with you! Learn more about us below!

About Our Founder

We Are a Forward- Looking Company Firmly Rooted in the Past

Robb White, the founder of the Robb Report and Connoisseur Online, got his start as a kid selling a pair of Colt pistols. He purchased them for a mere $100—and resold for $12,000. He took that money and put it into a Rolls Royce, which he then flipped as well.

It wasn’t long before he was buying and selling more expensive cars, yachts, and even Swiss Chalets.

With an eye for hidden treasures, Robb started and ran auction houses, galleries, magazines, store chains, bed and breakfasts, art schools, gemology labs, and tour industries. He forged partnerships with some of the world’s top pickers, sellers, and collectors. He will be missed and his legacy is indelible.

our purpose

Our Mission & Membership

Appreciating assets are all about scarcity. For example, Leonardo da Vinci’s recently found and auctioned Salvador Mundi sold for a shocking $450,000,000 in 2017. That’s more valuable than even the most expensive piece of real estate in the U.S., a $238 million dollar penthouse in New York city that sold in early 2019. 

And so it is that we are on a mission to help the world’s wealthiest and most prestigious collectors buy with clarity and invest with certainty in the rarest and most valuable assets: collectibles, art, antiques, jewelry, and historical artifacts. 

 Those who join our Connoisseur Elite Member club get first-hand access to preview these new treasures as they come to market. 

Exquisite Properties

We invest in hard assets. We buy, pick, curate, collect and sell from some of the world’s finest estates and dealers.

Appreciating Assets

Just like with real estate, rare one-of-a-kind items also appreciate. Buying treasures at auction is a long-known form of investment.

Private Deals

As we get to know you and you find value in all we source, we’ll help you smartly expand and return on your own collector assets.


Antiques to Modern Design


Brick-n-brack and art and bronzes to set your office apart


Designer decorations including original art


Antique to modern from small to massive king beds

professional Comfort

You've got great tastes so you should have great furniture, collectibles, art, and jewelry


Curio collectibles to make the envy of all who enter your home or office

Looking for something in particular? Let us know! Our team of curating experts is here to help! 

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