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About Our Bianco Diamond Line

bianco = best

Long before De Beers announced its own synthetic diamond line known as Lightbox, we launched our own Bianco Diamond line. 

Started in the 70s, our diamonds have established a reputation for themselves as the gem of choice for the discerning buyer. 

Untainted by political or social strife like natural-mined blood from conflict regions of the world like the infamous ‘blood diamonds,’ Bianco diamonds are safely and economically grown in a laboratory under expert controls. 

Accordingly, our diamonds are perfect in every way but without the taint of extortionary costs or circumstances. 

Bianco® is a trademark that many consider to be synonymous with “the best of the best.” Bianco-Diamonds® are not to be confused with a Zircon, with Moissanite by Charles Colvard, simulated Moissanite, simulated Cubic Zirconia or a Crystal. Bianco-Creation-Gemstones® and Bianco-Diamonds® are unique man-made, hand-cut, creations that have been hand selected for their beauty, comparable to the finest geologically mined gemstones. Bianco stones have extraordinary properties – specific gravity between 5.6 and 6.0 (1.6 times that of an uncut diamond), a high refractive index at 2.15–2.18, a dispersion of 0.058–0.066 using the same grading scale as a geological carbon diamond. White diamonds fall within a color chart of colorless A-C, near colorless-F, faint yellow G-N up to “SZ” which is yellow. This stone, if graded using a geological diamond grading system, would be classified as VVSI-E, virtually flawless. At your request, your gem comes with a certificate of authenticity and lifetime guarantee from breaking or chipping. Bianco-Creation-Gemstones® have been purchased, for over three decades by the sophisticated, elite, and celebrity buyers. Before you buy, learn more about Bianco gemstones at:

Custom cut; custom color; custom weight; custom shape. A Bianco Diamond can be created as uniquely as you. Place a custom order with us for whatever suites your fancy.

Featured diamond

Bianco Pear Cut 12 ct Clear

This exquisite diamond would make a dazzling centerpiece to an elegant necklace that is bound to take the breath away of an astonished crowd just as sure as it is to fill your own body with confidence. 

At a staggering 12ct weight and almost 18x15mm in size with a VVSI-E clarity and a almost completely colorless grade of A/B, you would expect this diamond to cost a moderate inheritance.

Not so here at Bianco:



Looking for something in particular? Let us know! Our team of curating experts is here to help! 

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