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Welcome to Connoisseur Auctions where we work with estate pickers and collection appraisers from around the world to bring together fun, eclectic, rare, and extremely valuable treasures from collectibles to antiques to firearms to jewelry to art. Some old. Some modern.

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Testimonials from Auction Enthusiasts

Just Received the Dresden

“Just received the Dresden piece, it is beautiful . thanks so much. Look forward to the next auction.” – Suellen, USA

Shipping and Pricing is Fair

“Thank you very much. Your shipping is fair.
I would like to do business further with you in the future.” — STEPHAN, HUNGARY

Commissioned Art

“The art I buy from Connoisseur almost always comes framed, so I feel like I get the painting itself for free. Great finds!” – Gromett, CANADA

A Few Rare Treasures You’ll Find at Auctions

A Few Rare Treasures You’ll Find at Auctions

We sell thousands of items across 50+ different categories each year – get in on the action


With over 40+ years in the industry, we’ve made a few friends and preferred partners we can trust to help source some of the world’s finest collections. We work hard to be the best auction marketplace bringing these rare goods to market first through our online ‘Buy Now’ catalogs then through our weekly auction sales.


Using the power of financial scale, we and our partners are able to procure vast estates as whole purchases, enabling us to bring individual items to market at much better value than if we were to purchase items one-by-one.


Perhaps you or someone you know has a family heirloom or personal collection that you are now ready to sell through us. Because of our diverse market reach and time in the market space, we can help you sell just about anything – list with us today. Contact us to get started.

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Commissioned paintings

rBianco School of Art

Connoisseur partners with the rBianco School of Art, that masterful art school founded by the late r. Bianco, himself a renown artist with his paintings now worth hundreds of thousands. The rBianco School of Art was founded in the 70s and exists to recreate timeless masterpieces through the brushstrokes of living masters. You may purchase one of these exquisite recreations at auction, through our listed Gotta Have It Shop, or commission your very own exquisite masterpiece through the button below.

Not everyone can afford an original Leonardo da Vinci, but everyone can have a masterfully original recreation of any of da Vinci’s paintings. 



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Have questions about our privacy policy, refund options, returns, where and how we source our Connoisseur merchandise, or our shipping practices? Check them out on our FAQs.

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