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If you ever wanted to own your own original, hand-painted masterful recreation of some of the greatest pieces of art known to man throughout history, now is your chance!

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About Our Partnership with the
r.Bianco School of Art

bianco = best

Very few people can afford Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi that was recently sold for $450M at auction but everyone can afford a masterful hand-painted re-creation of this timeless work through our partnership with the r.Bianco School of Art.

These highly trained art masters will pain-stakingly recreate down to minute detail the most treasured pieces of art you would like to see added to your own art gallery for as little as $5/sq in. 

The School of Bianco, founded in 1994, is one of the most renown art studios for commercial purposes today. Trained by legendary master R. Bianco, each student must learn great levels of technique and pass rigorous reviews by other masters in the Bianco School to accomplish the exacting recreations on canvas.

This school hand recreates legendary works of art, so if you buy from the School of Bianco, you will truly be holding an original masterpiece recreation of works made by great names throughout the ages.

Maybe yours wasn’t painted by Leonardo Da Vinci directly, but rest assured that this masterful reproduction is original and nearly as exact.

Connoisseur.Online is a proud consignor partner of the rbianco School of Masters. Shop with us direct or commission a painting below.

Featured Art

‘Angelica’ by Pino Daeni

The late Pino Daeni (1939-2010) inspired a generation with his warmth of color and impression of detail in his flowing motifs that captured idyllic life in its serene moments from boudoir to beach and everything in between. 

Pino’s art has appreciated in value since his death in 2010 so much so that even his prints sell for a small fortune. 

This masterful, hand-painted recreation original after Pino Daeni’s ‘Angelica’ could be yours today. Measuring 22″ x 38″ on a stretcher, it will ship easily for you to then frame. Framing may be purchased with us additionally if you desire. Click below to add to your collection.



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