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Refund Options

We Offer Several Refund Options for Claimed Discrepancies

As we do not own the merchandise but the merchandise is consigned, and the photos and descriptions of our consignors are provided as listed and as is, we can only monitor those who sell with us and check with them to verify that what was shipped is what was photographed and described. Once we send a consignor their sales distribution, we are no longer party to the sale. We are simply the auction listing company in this transaction.

However, we do make our consignors aware of any issues. Accordingly, they may reach out to you directly and offer to “buy back” the item from you. This is at their sole discretion although we exert pressure by not allowing such sellers to consign with us in the future should we notice patterns of negligence on their part. We have an internal rating/review system for our sellers since what our consignors sell and how they list what they sell reflects directly on us and we take that very seriously.

As for us as the Connoisseur Online auction house, we can offer you several options that are within our power to execute in your service:

A. The option to reconsign the item(s) in question to us at no sales commission (you get the full purchase price – and often can even make some money this way)

B. The option to give you a store credit in the amount of 20% (our buyer’s premium) and you keep your won and paid for item.

C. You mail the item back to us as the auction house. We will then give you a 100% store credit for the hammer price of the returned item on your bidder account that you may have applied towards any future purchase in whole or in part.

These are the only details that we control directly and can offer you. Please let us know how you might wish to proceed through submitting the brief return authorization form below:

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