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Return Policy

All Bids Are Final. We Rarely Allow for Returns.

All items are sold AS IS and represented as best our consignors are able via photographs and descriptions. Please ask any clarifying questions before making a purchase or placing a bid. All sales are considered final. It is your purchasing obligation to know what it is that you are bidding on or buying in that our catalogs are made up of some of the world’s finest and sometimes most obscure items.

These are not items that you can usually find on your local Walmart shelf or even Amazon. We deal in collectibles and antiques and fine acquisitions, some new but most relics.

Consequently, purchasing and return rules in the dealer, collector, auction space are much different than those at a department store.

Therefore, we DO NOT even entertain accepting returns except for the following few circumstances:

You received the wrong item – in which case, please get in contact with us to discuss options
You received the right item but there is significant damage or parts missing that were clearly present in the photographs and/or description for the item – in which case, please get in contact with us to discuss options
You are disputing the authenticity of the item’s description claims and can prove your dispute through the presentation of a written and signed third-party appraisal which, when received, we may then seek out the second-opinion of another third-party appraisal

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Have questions about our privacy policy, refund options, returns, where and how we source our Connoisseur merchandise, or our shipping practices? Check them out on our FAQs.

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